The home page configuration, for a new website of an enterprise, when we try to quickly accumulate the trust of search engines, we must keep the content of the website updated to a certain frequency, and these contents must be more conveniently displayed to search engines.

Therefore, in the layout of the home page section, you may need to think about which news section or encyclopedia information, other than the product, can maintain long-term updates, and call this section.

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Homepage footer layout. For new corporate websites, we do keyword optimization. Sometimes it is difficult to lay out keywords on the page, especially long-tailed words. We need to make reasonable use of the relevant content of the footer.

For example: add a company profile in the footer, or a paragraph describing the product of the company, appropriately increase the keyword density of some core keywords on the homepage, and increase the layout of some long-tail words. Of course, if you really have no way to lay out keywords here, you can also use ALT tags appropriately.

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Xiongzhang link submission, a few days ago, the information on the Baidu search resource platform site, the official push, Xiongzhang ID related rights adjustment information, from the current point of view, the early Xiongzhao number is currently only the link submission channel.

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Many SEO people feel that this is of no value. On the contrary, we think this is a very effective way for us to solve Baidu's non-inclusion. It is recommended that every little partner is worth trying, especially the new website.